The Butterstone, Cotherstone Moor

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Watercolour. Dark Wooden Frame. 37cmx32cm SOLD

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This stone on Cotherstone Moor facinates me. As a child I was told that Grace from Grace's Cottage used to come here and drop off butter and other foods for the villagers during the plague era and the villagers used to leave the money in vinegar in the hole in the top. It seemed odd to me that Grace's Cottage was above Romaldkirk and she would have to come quite a way across the Balder and the moor to do this. I used to live in Northumberland for a while years ago and I went up the moors there to sketch and paint the enigmatic Cup and Ring marked rocks. Some of the formations had holes in the top with groves down the side, exactly the same as The Butter Stone. It is therefore my belief that this rock is Prehistoric, about 5000  years old. I am looking North here to Eggleston and Folly Top, there are a group of pine trees which are between.